When people say grow your business, well will take it literally. Plant business is a lucrative business only if you love plants. Love what you do and it will eventually pay you back.

I suggest to start small, maybe you already have a small collection of plants and you have lots of plant babies which you want to share to others, well why not sell it? Give it a try and see if you have a niche for selling.

If you made a sale, congratulations! Welcome to the plant business! You are now on a great start. You might want to invest in more plants as your mother plant – only selling its cuttings or do buy and sell. Remember to only buy the plant that interest you or maybe a request from your customers, don’t go buying dozens of plants just for the sake of selling it all.

How much will you sell it really depends on you. The cost of the plant, good soil, fertilizer, pots, packaging if you will ship it like boxes, tape, labels, brown bags, tissues etc… And of course you also need to pay yourself for the hardwork you do, like watering them, taking care of them in hot weather and so on.

So, if you think its a fun and exciting business go for it!


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