As they say it, invest in what you love. So, if you love plants here are some thoughts to consider when buying a plant for you to invest in.

  1. Availability- Do your research and check if the plants you have on your list is available in your area or do you have to order it via online.
  2. Price- You need to consider your buying price. Are you going to buy just one mother plant for each plant you want to sell or more. What’s your price range?
  3. Plant Growth- See if the plant your investing in is a fast or slow grower.
  4. Ease of Care- Are the plant you choose easy to care for? Remember it’s an investment if it’s hard to care for and dies, so does your investment money.
  5. Easy Propagation- The easier they are to propagate, the faster you earn.
  6. Time Between Propagation- You don’t like you mother plant looking thin and sad due to way too much cuttings. If you can afford it, it’s better to have atleast 2 mother plants of the same specie.
  7. Market Trend- Again do your research, which plant is in demand, which plant is up rising and invest on it.

Happy Plant Investing!


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