1. Know your intention- Ask your self why plant business? What benefits will you get from it? What can you offer to your customers? Is it worth your while?

2. Make a list and see if there are more pros than cons- Do you have the capital? Where will you get your supplies? Where will you sell? What specific plants do you want to sell? What’s your target customers?

3. Can you handle the cons? Will your business run even if you have no sales for 3 months? What will you do if your sales didn’t even reach the cost of your rent? What if you bought a dozen plant and it didn’t sell? Can you handle rude customers? Can you handle scammers? If you have plans on what to do when this problems arrive then your good to go.

4. Be determined- There will be times when business is so slow, or super high in demand that your oh so busy. There will be customers that are mean and will accuse you of things just because you made mistake naming a plant and there are customers who are very grateful and kind. There will be a box of returned plants because your customer is a scammer and there would be a rich customer that will buy lots of your plants and be your friend.

5. Focus- If this is what you love, just do it.

6. Do you see potential growth? How do you see your business in three years? Can you sell other stuffs than plants, like soil, fertilizer, pots, plant stand? If your already in the plant business, is your earning going up or going down? Always reassess.

7. Pray. Pray for guidance. Pray for healthy plants. Pray for kind and generous customers. Pray for good income.

8. Extra tips… If you can- start small, have a plant mission, buy and sell plants that you yourself love, take care of your plants outdoor it makes them healthier, fertilize, a 20% mark up is good, and remember patience is a virtue. 😘🌿

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